A/C Frames


Eissa Fiber Glass is manufacturing different types of A/C Frames on the basis of customer's requirements.

GRP Cabinets & Enclosures


Comprehensive range of GRP Cabinets and Enclosures up to the customer requirement suitable for Indoor and outdoor installations. All enclosures are completely finished in plant prior to dispatch. The enclosures will have smooth mould finish externally and coated hand layup finish internally.


  • Stainless Steel / Brass hinges
  • EPDM Gasket / PVC Foam seal
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Thickness : 6mm at stressed points and 4mm elsewhere
  • Smoothing glossy finish externally
  • UV resistant & opaque
  • Apart from the above the cabinets / enclosures made out of GRP are comparatively:

  • Light Weight
  • Cost Effective
  • Good visual appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • No additional rust proofing / painting required
  • Safe from electrical shocks since fiberglass being a good insulator
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable and preferable for the local climatic conditions
Cladding Panels & Columns


Eissa Fiber Glass GRP or Glass Fiber is a low cost, low maintenance, long lasting and versatile material capable of a wide variety of uses. Due to the fact that it is extremely light, fire resistant, and also extremely strong, it is ideal for use in vehicle conversions

Floor Plate


Floor Plates are manufactured by up multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcement and specially formulated resins. The result of this process is a composite panel offering both by directional strength and rosion resistance. These designed products are non-porous and are easily cleaned by high pressure washer and can withstand cleaning solutions.

GRP Corrugated Sheet


EFG GRP ridge panel is produced continuously, it is easy to cut and install. Common structures as above picture shown

Technical Specifications

  • Usage: Roofing.
  • Material used: (Fiberglass).
  • Type: with Corrugated in shaped.
  • Dimensions: : 4’ x 10’
  • Thickness: .5MM
  • Finish: /Top Surface Smooth gel coat mould finish
  • Internal surface top coated wax added rough finish.
  • Color: per client’s requirement.


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  • Usage:Sunshade or Protecting Equipments from Sun rays.
  • Material used: GRP (Fiberglass).
  • Type:Rectangular with Curve in shaped.
  • Dimensions: Size: 1300 mm x 800 mm x 150 mm.
  • Drawing: As per approved and attached drawing.
  • Finish:Internal Surface Smooth gel coat mould finish.
  • External surface top coated wax added rough finish.
  • Color:Beige.
  • Thickness:For Curve shell: 7 mm thick.
  • Flanges:15 mm thick.

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